Thursday, August 20, 2009

the teacups made me do it

check out this really lovely gift idea - on sale TODAY, as they clearly indicate, at red envelope. it's an aromatherapy growing kit that comes with organic soil and chamomile, lavender and lemon balm seeds. their aromas combine into a naturally mood-lifting scent, and how adorable are they for your desk at work, your kitchen window sill, even your nighttable. and by "your" i mean "my." or the person you're "gifting" it to.

it's funny, actually, because just this week i saw a set of pretty white teacups at starbucks that had a similar variety of textures as these pots. this set ($19.95) with a nice box of tea, or even by itself, would also make a great gift.

and the teacups made me fall deeply in love with the idea of handle-less mugs, which i decided to wait on. and i'm glad i did, because i then promptly saw and purchased eight of these almhult tumblers at ikea for 29 cents each. literally. i mean really, could you just die?

do NOT say they are flower pots, they are tumblers. check the ikea site if you don't believe me.

aromatherapy kit photo from ikea tumbler photo from

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