Monday, August 31, 2009

kilim me softly

i am so enjoying the cooler weather in new york today. this morning was a dream - cool, a little misty and totally autumnal. i am so thrilled. drinking my coffee and getting ready to start the week, the chill made me think of this bench and stool i have admired for a while from pottery barn.

there is something so cozy and familiar about them, maybe because the pattern on the handwoven kilims are sort of reminiscent of a blanket made by my great-grandmother many years ago that has been in my family ever since (though not in its original form since time has worn it so heavily). and the colors are pretty and subdued enough that they would look good almost anywhere. i could see the bench at the foot of my bed, or the stool as an ottoman that accompanies a couch or chair.

what i also love about these pieces is that they don't look cookie-cutterish...they look like elements of a home and style that was honed and curated over time, which reminds me of jamie meares' edict that a room and a home should always be evolving. because these pieces could work in so many different kinds of spaces, i think they fit that ideal perfectly. as an example, below is one of the rooms featured in the post i did a couple months ago where the stool or bench would fit right in. in this case, the colors would act as a focal point in this space that's mostly neutral, but because of the earthy materials, it isn't too much.

on the other hand, they would also work in one of the below rooms i featured in a post about the resort where mitchell and i were married, which was full of vibrant and rich jewel tones and finishes. in this space, this bench or stool wouldn't be the only point of color, but would contribute to the feeling of mixing that the resort does so well.

what i love most about these pieces is that they are timeless looking and make me want to cozy up near the fire with a blanket and a book.

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