Thursday, June 25, 2009

just peachy

if you have not eaten a peach recently, let me tell you...peaches are amazing! not that i haven't always loved peaches - i have - but the peaches i have had this summer so far have far surpassed any i've had before.

first of all, their smell is intoxicating, and more authentically peachy than any bath product could ever hope to be. i have been bringing a peach or two to work each day and several times throughout the day, i actually bring it to my nose and inhale deeply – seriously weird, i know, but they smell really good. now, i will say, i have found that its borderline inappropriate to eat said peaches in public because of the drippage factor. i have found slicing them into neat and socially acceptable wedges works best -- still tastes delicious, saves me from looking like a toddler or a crazy person and everyone’s happy.

according to my research, peach season is through august in most of the country. so while they're fresh, here are some ideas. i’ve even created a drink in peaches’ honor.

honey’s fizzy peach
- a lighter,fizzier (and thus, more refreshing) alternative to a fuller bodied, red sangria

2 bottles prosecco
1 cup peach nectar
½ cup peach schnapps
5 peaches, cut in wedges
2 cups fresh raspberries
fresh lemon juice (2 to 4 tablespoons - taste as you add)

place sliced peaches and whole raspberries into a pitcher and pour the nectar and the schnapps over fruit. Stir, cover with saran wrap and refrigerate for several hours before serving (overnight is best). right before serving, add the lemon juice and the prosecco for fresh fizziness and stir. servce over ice.

for a sweet and savory appetizer platter, the items below include different tastes, textures and temperatures – perfect for mixing and matching. this platter could even serve as a small-plates meal, especially when cocktails (like the fizzy peach) are flowing!

wedge of good parmesan (reggiano is best)
goat cheese
sharp cheddar
baked brie (just stick brie wedge or wheel in oven at 350 for about 10 minutes)
crusty baguette, warmed
hearty multigrain crackers
shaved prosciutto
spicy pepperoni
salted almonds (if you can get marcona almonds, try them – known as “the finest almond in the world”)
thinly sliced peach and apple wedges, chilled

here are some recipes i found that have made me curious about cooking with peaches. i'm not usually a savory or cooked fruit lover, but some of these dishes actually look really good.

grilled peach salad

chicken with peach and melon salsa (pictured above)

grilled peaches with thyme, mascarpone and honey

cinnamon grilled peaches

and here are some simple ways to enjoy summer's bounty, with no recipes needed. add peaches to:

toast or an english muffin with peanut butter
vanilla ice cream
oatmeal or cold cereal
cottage cheese

...and whatever you do, bring napkins.


Anonymous said...

I've had Honey's Fizzy Peach and it is thee drink for the summer!

honey living said...

why thanks!

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