Wednesday, August 25, 2010

all in the wrist, part 3

3 parts about bracelets? seriously? YES.

remember when we talked about the sets of bangles that are such great foundations for bracelet collections? well, i came across two sets that are too good to pass by, so i have to share.

i am loving both of these sets from bloomies, both by aqua. the one at top is the copper set of 16 and the other is the oxidized silver set of 27. 27! they're $68 and $35, respectively, and either set is a great deal for what you get. plus it's exciting to be able to buy something that you can enjoy now and in a month or two when fall has (finally!) set in. these babies know no season.

just had to share since i know i'm not alone in my bracelet love.

and p.s: aqua's enamel bangles are on sale for $15 each.

if you can't get enough bracelet love, remember jill zarin's fab-and-a-half bracelets from the reunion show?

all images from bloomingdales

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