Monday, August 16, 2010

chairs, cubed

i've been meaning to share this tag sale find with you...i apologize for my cat's rudeness in this picture, but it was the only one i had to show you the profile of the chair. i think i've determined that they're midcentury cube style chairs, probably from the 60's, though if anyone has a better estimate, i'd love to hear it.

i bought them from a woman who appeared to be moving out of a home she'd lived in forever, and these were her dining room chairs at one point. she had six of them, and wanted $6 for the set. yes - $1 each. obvi, i handed over my $6 immediately, afraid she'd realize she was giving away vintage goodness.

as you can see, the seat part of the chair is worn, so at some point, i want to have just the center columns recovered in a cool faux cowhide or something like that. other than that, the chairs are in great shape and in storage waiting for the right moment to use them.

full disclosure: since after i almost gave up while getting just two of the chairs into the car, i knew mitchell would kill me for taking six. i didn't have the heart to ask for my $4 back, so i actually paid a whooping $3 per chair.

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