Thursday, August 26, 2010

a festive crumple

i have to show you these adorable tissue paper things i've seen around the web. first of all, my interest has been aroused by the tissue paper balls i've seen all around, first in the papyrus store window in grand central station, as shown above, and then of course martha has a version that only she could pull off.

love love love this color scheme, by the way. remember all the pink and orange here? but as i often do, i find martha's how-to a little daunting, not being a very crafty person myself. to achieve the exact look, i would buy these balls from etsy seller melodywei, or make friends with someone crafty. but look at all the color combos you can order!! you can order her sets, or choose your own! they come pre-made, you just unfold them.

balls aside (yup, i said balls aside), naturally, i was thrilled to find these other fabulous tissue paper ideas that just seem more...doable to me. but they have such impact too. first, on jackie fo, i saw this pretty wreath and picture frames - love the idea of using both ideas at the same party for a running theme. how cute? i also love that they're in different shades of pink - such a fan of the not-exactly-the-same-but-in-the-same-family color scheme.

and then i got spun to another blog called a blissful nest (which i fell instantly in love with) because a blissful nest's rebekah is the one who gave jackie fo the idea in the first place. LOVE BLOGS! check out some of rebekah's tissue paper creations, and be sure to look at some of the parties she's done, like this one for talented.

and her how-to seems so much easier.

i also love rebekah's idea of spraying a tissue paper ball or wreath with glitter spray for a light shimmer.

so many possibilities!

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jackie fo said...

A blissful nest rocks and I loved her easy tutorial!

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