Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fully lined

so i have this kind of weird, kind of awesome idea. i want to line the back of my medicine cabinet with scrapbook paper. why scrapbook paper, of all things? because it's cheap, and because it comes in so many great prints and colors. i love the idea of creating a beautiful little place you open up to each day. nice bathrooms are so important to the psyche, and this is just a honing in on that concept.

so, the bathroom in question has a mild tropical thing going on art-wise, so i thought about doing it in a pool blue or a bright coral. as you can see above, i've slid in a piece of the only scrapbook paper i have at the moment and i'm liking it, in theory, though not in color given said artwork and pool blue towels.

should i go for this kind of weird, kind of awesome project? thoughts?

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