Friday, August 27, 2010


to me, one of the best things about being a blog reader (and blog writer for that matter) is the constant exposure to interesting and beautiful ideas. specifically, i love all the projects that are out there, especially because so many of them are so doable, even if you're not that great at projects. yesterday, i shared the crumply goodness that is tissue paper, and today i have two more to share.

the chrome pig above is by an artist named harry allen, and has been featured in elle decor and other places of note. it's $190 which isn't outrageous for a special flourish in a room, but it's an investment.

so the lovely blogger at hello gorgeous came up with her own version and it looks amazing. feast your eyes.

home goods pig: $6

krylon chrome spraypaint: about $6

finished chrome pig for $12: priceless

and then decorno came out of blogger retirement to update her faithful readers on this little chestnut:

LOVE doesn't begin to capture it. i don't think it's exactly the same as the fabric eddie ross and i love (yeah, i like to make it sounds like we love it together), but it's very close.

on another note, remember this project? LOVE.

things like this inspire me to look at all things old and new with fresh eyes, not seeing only what's there, but what could be there. you too?

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