Monday, August 2, 2010

capiz me

if you're like me, you don't soon forget when you see something you love...that's how i feel about the gorgeous long hanging capiz pendant lamp i've long-coveted at west elm. it's not cheap, at $259, so i've been keeping my eyes open for other options and thought i'd share.

of course, i should add that in addition to the long hanging option, west elm also has a rectangular version, in the same two colors as the long hanging one, and for the same price.

on the much cheaper side, i love these smaller natural capiz pendants which they sell individually (on sale for $79), or in double ($179) and triple ($269) packs. they look like they came straight from the sea, don't they?

although these pieces lack the cascade and size of the others, for about the same price, you could get a set of three, and in certain spaces, multiples would work even better in terms of overall space and impact.

also much less expensive, pottery barn teen (yes, teen) has a pretty version in three different colorways - i think the pink/orange and blue choices would be great at a beach house or in a punchy space, but overall i think i like the white best -- it looks the least like it came from pb teen. at only $129, it measures 22 inches long, and i think achieves a really nice impact.

i think these are all such pretty choices for an easy living kind of space - a bedroom, a covered porch, particularly a white-on-white bathroom. ooooh, i love that idea!

blue pb teen pendant picture from house of turquoise, all other images from linked sites

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