Thursday, June 17, 2010

all in the wrist, part 2

whatever you think of jill zarin's behavior on this season of RHONYC, i think we could probably all agree on one thing - her bracelets on the reunion show were freaking awesome. apparently, they generated lots of chatter, and she shared the wealth.

the large cuff in the center is by rodrigo otazu, and was also seen in sex and the city 2. i'm dying.

this total dream of a cuff is accompanied by four roberta chiarella sparle 24/7 bangles (only $28 each!) in the emerald/gold color combo, and then also by a perfectly chunky, sparkly swarovski bracelet that is from india, and apparently can't be gotten here.

it seems to be true about the large gold one, sadly, because i can't find it and i've devoted all the time i'm willing to devote. i did find some other options that would work. the best prices (under 20 GBP!) are from the uk company called what's about town, and they make a devilishly sparkly one and a really great looking hammered matte gold option as well.

i also found these other options, all from nordstrom, that could be used to a similar affect as both the rodrigo otazu cuff and the unfindable gold sparkly bangle. the roberta chiarella bangles are the best price around, considering how great they look for under $30 each.

is it weird that i could look at jewelry all day? the fun part is not just shopping for new, but also thinking about what you already have (or what your mom or grandmother or sister already has) and considering new ways to mix and match with other items you've never paired them with before. and if you are in the market to buy something new, it's fun to see how it works in different combinations with your existing collection.

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