Wednesday, August 18, 2010

on the ledge

we haven't had much glorious weather here in new york this summer. yes, i said it - glorious. to me, that's sunny and breezy, in the 60's or 70's...just perfection. it makes me want to do everything outside like in school when we would all request for class to be taught outside. and when the teacher obliged, it was such a treat. i'm thinking that this year, fall will be the time for that kind of outdoor glory, since the summer has been sticky and pretty much unbearable, even in between one air-conditioned haven and another.

so for the fall, which is coming rather quickly, i'm glad i set up my new balcony - a place i can go each morning and night to breathe in fresh air and listen to the birds and watch the trees sway in the breeze. i'm sure i'll do a little more work out there, and revive some of the very thirsty plants when the fall finally comes. for now, i draped some giraffe-print (or floral, can't tell) towels i love on the chair and the floor because i love the feel of terry cloth to sit on and to rest bare feet on...weird or relatable? you decide.

the moments i spend out there bring a certain kind of peace that i simply don't feel anywhere else. not only am i not in conversation, but i'm also not even really thinking...just being. one of my favorite aspects of the emerson resort which you've probably heard me ramble about is the private balconies off every room. the balcony in my last home was my favorite spot in the world, and one of the things i miss most in our new place.

although we have a balcony here too, it's not covered the way the other one was, so i decided to use plants that had some height and some trail to claim a little privacy like vinca and spikes, and i added some lavender because of its heavenly smell which actually does waft when there's a breeze. which hasn't happened since may.

i love looking at pictures of little outdoor spaces people clearly love and use well. it gives me ideas and also the feeling of kindred spirits knowing that so many of us love to be outside but still in our own private space. there's something really wonderful about being out in nature and the outdoors, but still shielded and set back from the world.

here are some spaces i love. to me, one of the key elements is a sense of relaxation...not just that i could see myself at rest there, but also that the furniture and plantings aren't all perfect and matchy most of these, there is a sense that the spaces came together over time, and i think that gives them such charm.

do you have an outdoor spot you treasure?

all non-original photos from apartment therapy

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