Wednesday, June 2, 2010

all in the wrist

ever since last summer when i purchased these bracelets, i've been nursing an obsession with bracelets and the addictive jangling sound they make on my wrist when worn in abundance (which is now every day).

there is almost no limit to the number of combinations you can dream up with bracelets, and the more of them i add to my collection, the more i enjoy the collection itself. i'd have to say that after the inaugural set last summer, sets of thin metal bangles became my thing because they were easy to amass quickly and inexpensively. so many stores have great selections, and they're just as good worn separately or paired with bangles from other sets as they are worn together.

my personal favorites are the kind that are thin and come en masse, because they're the most bang for your buck and can be worn single, as a handful, or the whole bunch, and they can easily be mixed with everything else. the ones above are from old navy, avenue (a great source for slightly larger cheap jewelry finds) and nordstrom and are perfect starter sets to add to now or later.
below (all from nordstrom) are some wider sets with fewer pieces, but i like them because they're very substantial and because they include goldtone options that won't turn or irritate (i find the cheap gold ones always do on me, so i stick with the silvertone which i have no problems with, but some people are fine with the gold).

still along the bangle line, but with some blingy embellishment, i love the seasonal whispers bangle sets from nordstrom which come in several different versions (more on website). they would look great as a single bangle alongside other blingy bracelets, or again, as the whole bunch.

imagine how pretty they'd look with these faux micro pave bangles! (i mean, what wouldn't...)

or with these amazing ippolita rock candy bracelets:

i also love love love enamel bracelets as a fun (and jangly) was to add punches of color and shine, and kate spade does an incredible job with them, not surprisingly. and as if they aren't pretty enough, the idiom bracelets, are inscribed with single line messages like "tickled pink" on the pink bracelet, "the grass is always greener" on the green, and "clean slate" on the white. and on some, there are phrases like "have courage" and "take a chance."

i love when things that are pretty on the outside pack some extra meaning on the inside - it makes it feel like a little private moment you have throughout the day.

and it might be illegal how much i love these two:

okay, and moving away from kate spade before she gets a restraining order... i'm also mildly obsessed with trina turk's versions.

and the sequin enamel bangles at nordstrom are priced very reasonably and hit the mark dead-on too. so many options!!!

so pretty, right? and i have to say, i found a couple great epoxy and enamel bracelets at avenue in several colors for under $10 a piece, and have been enjoying them. A LOT. alone, together, and with other bracelets, they look excellent (and not like they were $10 each).

i'm also loving all the bracelets out there that are made of interesting and unexpected materials. the two below from house of harlow are leather and crystal and master the fine line between edgy and chic, don't you think?

in a similarly hard-edged look, this set in various textures from lane bryant (another great plus-size source for jewelry) strikes a great balance and could be used to soften an outfit's hard lines, or to rough up an otherwise prissy look.

i love these nature-inspired wood-like options from cara (first 2) and kate spade, respectively. such a great way to ground an ensemble without being matchy matchy or predictable. and of course, great to pair with bracelets in other materials too.

for a more metal-heavy look with some added interest, i love these from avenue (top 2) and lane bryant (bottom 2).

and how about these clear or somewhat clear versions? i think the first one from alexis bittar is insanely beautiful and could be worn in just about any situation on earth. her mixed color bangles below are a great option for pairing, and also can be worn casually, dressy, and everything in between.

and a lucite bangle? need i say more?
and if you don't love the idea of accumulating a whole collection, but you like the look of piled on bracelets, i love the options here.

from cara, nordstrom:

from kate spade (love this one, can't you just hear the jingle?):

from lane bryant:

from lane bryant:
i think the real beauty of this kind of jewelry is that your collection can continue to evolve forever, which is a really cool thing. you can always be on the lookout for new pieces - in foreign countries, at estate sales and antique stores, in grandmothers' jewelry boxes, and even at the mall. i seriously think the only way you could go wrong would be to not treat yourself to some bracelets!

all photos from linked sites

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Coco and Emma said...

Thanks for the eye candy! I especially love the Kate Spade enamel bracelets. What a relief that the company is successfully turning our Kate-like items following her departure. Have a great day!

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