Tuesday, November 3, 2009

moodie moments

i love these images from stylist and interior designer lucyina moodie's website. each vignette she creates is such a physical moment that i'd love to just step right into.

i love how the items in each frame are grouped...sometimes by color, sometimes by theme, but they all have the pleasing look of a collection of items that have found themselves together that just look like they belong.

i remember reading in an interview with someone (can't remember who) who so smartly said that sometimes, an item's beauty is not in the item alone but in the context of the things surrounding it. i think that's so true.

i also think it's inspiring to look at displays like these because it's a reminder of how much we can do with the items we have in our home already. switching things around and trying out new combinations is so much fun and can yield such visually pleasing displays! even the way you organize the inside of a medicine chest or kitchen cabinet can be visually pleasing, as well as functional. and why shouldn't it be? we spend so much of our lives doing mundane things, why shouldn't they look and feel pleasing?

i am definitely guilty of sometimes getting wrapped up in placing tiny details when i'm supposed to be cleaning or organizing (or unpacking, as of late), but the truth is, when you create a little corner that makes you smile, it provides fuel for what you have ahead of you. and for me, feeling like there is a place that makes me feel like me, even when surrounded by the rest of "me" in boxes, it makes the whole thing feel a little less daunting, and also sets the tone for other corners not yet created.

and that's actually where the whole idea of honey living initially came from - recognizing, creating and appreciating a world of details for yourself within the larger world we all share.

all photos from http://www.lucyina.com/

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Sam Eh said...

Lovely, and very true.

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