Thursday, November 5, 2009

tiny treasures...clip art

i don't know about you, but to me, a big part of blair waldorf's charm is her flagrant use of headbands. if you don't find her charming, you haven't watched enough gossip girl. and while not all of us can pull the headband look off (they slide off my head and onto my neck, very attractively), there's a lot to be said for little things that make a big difference, and this week's tiny treasure is all about that.

we all wear things in our hair...clips, rubberbands, why not make them really pretty? there are so many inexpensive options, especially at places like charlotte russe and forever 21, where they aim to the GG crowd.

you can go conservative, and get them in neutral shades or to match your wardrobe, or go totally bold and bright. i recently purchased a simple black claw clip like i always wear, but it has little brown crystals on it, and i've really been enjoying it. it feels more finished and polished looking. it's a nice addition to have a hair situation with some pomp and circumstance of its own. they're great as a little pick-me-up to buy yourself, and also as little gifts!

these options are from charlotte russe, and they're all $5 and under, sometimes for a 4-pack!:

and here, a bevvy of $5 and under options from forever 21:

send dorota to pick some up asap!


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