Monday, November 23, 2009

transfer of power

isn't one of the greatest little pleasures transferring all your stuff into a new wallet or bag, or one you haven't used in a while? its the best feeling - pulling all your things out of the old, which has inevitably become disorganized and overstuffed, and promoting only the chosen items into the new. you know you really love the new when you do the transfer in the car. that's what my friend liza and i always did, and often still do.

it's that before and after feeling, right at your fingertips and instantaneous. and it's the promise of something new and better, and more organized -- something more "you," and more perfectly suited to your needs.

added bonus if you discover that your makeup case looks fab against the new bag, or that your debit cards pop nicely against the inside of the new wallet.

even if you're not in the market for a new bag right about now, it's worth shopping your own collection for the thrill of the transfer.

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