Tuesday, November 24, 2009

giving thanks

i am thankful for my family, first and foremost; for mitchell and the fact that he is my best friend and favorite person on earth. and for the fact that my parents and siblings are also my best friends, and each others' best friends. i am thankful that i have siblings, and that we share roots in common, and a memory bank in common, and sometimes it seems, a mind in common. i am thankful for the people that love them, who i now love too.

i am thankful for the family i have chosen - my closest friends. i am thankful that i have known kim and liza for more than half my life. i am thankful for kim and her loyalty and laughter and the quirky thoughts we share; for liza and the accuracy with which she anticipates, articulates and meets needs. and i am thankful for kelly, a kindred spirit since we met, and the way she understands and supports with no judgment. i am thankful for their husbands who love them.

i am thankful for the memory of our old orange cat abe and the fact that his loss made me love our new kittens alice and sophie even more. i am thankful for my sense of humor, my ability to express myself, and the fact that i am getting to know who i am, more and more each day. i'm thankful that when i stumble, i get back up and move forward.

i'm thankful that we made a good choice when we decided to move, and that the paint color i chose for our new place looks good. i'm thankful mitchell's handy and that i found the ikea produkt for my coffee in the mornings. i'm thankful that it's the holiday season and that there will be gift-giving. i'm thankful for siriusly sinatra and radio stations that play nonstop christmas music.

i'm thankful for sparkly things and manicures and the fact that there is endless array of accessories out there to love.

i'm thankful that i grew up with all four grandparents and can remember them all very, very well. i'm thankful that i still have a grandmother to visit and talk to, and that even now, every once in a while she busts out with a funny or astute observation. i'm thankful that she has a kind lady to take care of her, who dresses her in clothes warm out of the dryer. i'm thankful that brings her comfort.

i'm thankful for hgtv, gossip girl and all editions of the real housewives franchise, including atlanta which i never thought i'd say. i'm also thankful for us weekly, for elle decor and all the many blogs i love to read. i'm thankful for woodstock and the emerson resort.

i'm thankful for my weight watchers leader and my therapist who help me navigate an ongoing struggle. i'm thankful i feel i can share that with all of you. i'm thankful for lavender-scented things, wall-to-wall carpeting and a programmable coffee maker; for trader joe's and farmers markets and details in unexpected places.

and i'm thankful, beyond measure, for this blog and all the goodness it has brought into my life and helped me to realize. i'm thankful for my wonderful readers who not only read what i write, but email me suggestions and their own thoughts. i can't tell you how much my life has been changed and how thankful i am for all of you.

i am thankful for so many things - small and large - and it feels nice to list them.

what are you thankful for? please share with me by commenting below.

all photos from www.marthastewart.com


molly said...

that was a beautiful post. i am thankful for many of the same things you are. i am thankful to have a sister with whom i don't need to use words to communicate because you know what i'm thinking before i open my mouth (though sometimes that's not so great). i'm thankful for your blog, your wisdom and your consistently good advice. in addition: i am thankful for phen, our family, friends, my job, my artistic abilities, my apartment, my bed, sam and ubu, laughter, wine and much much more. sometimes it's challenging to really feel thankful, amongst the stress and worries of the day...but there really is so much to be thankful for. i am thankful that you reminded me to feel this way on a day when i needed the reminder!

eddieross said...

Lovely Martha pics! She's an inspiration to us all! Happy Thanksgiving!


joyce said...

I was born to loving and wonderful parents,who also gave me two wonderful brothers. All though my Mom and Dad have been gone many years, their words and deeds remain deep in my heart. It is like having a band aid on a scar that never heals, and I think of them everyday.
I am thankful for a wonderful and kind husband, a son and daughter any mother would be so proud to have, but that they are mine! (They amaze me everyday) To my new daughter n laws, that add an additional glowing light, I am grateful.I am happy for wonderful family and extended families, who are there for me whenever I need them. My friends, my job, where I was born and above all I am thankful for the health and happiness we all share.
I am also blessed that my kids enjoy the love and friendship of many whom have also become my children.(Happy Holidays)!!!

Lori said...

I am thankful for many of the same things that you and Molly have already covered. In addition I am thankful that we have great friends like you and your family in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Daccia said...

your thanksgiving post, which was so beautiful and sweet and honest, made me cry in front of people I don't know very well at an internet cafe. You write beautifully. I am thankful for the public humiliation. xox

Nicole said...

I am beyond thankful for my family and their unending support in everything we do. Most of all, I am so very thankful that my amazing boys are the best of friends. It's priceless. Thank you for the inspirational blog. I really enjoy it. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Liza Ehrlich Bower said...

I am thankful for you, your undying support, laughter, counsel, ear, love, kindness, benevolence, insight, humor,and the fact that over the past 100 years our bond strengthens with each conversation. I love you.

Debra said...

Well Carla, you've done it. With a few simple words, you've touched my heart.
I am thankful for you, my daughter who is able to stumble and get back up again with such beauty and grace; who is so aware that her grandma finds comfort in warm clothes from the dryer every night. I am thankful for two daughters who are my best friends, a son who says "I love you" every time we speak on the phone, and their partners who are loving and who have become family. I am thankful for your dad, who inspires me to be a better person, but loves me for who I am right now. For the parents I grew up with, and whose legacies I treasure. For my brothers and the women who love them - my sisters (in law!) I am thankful for having a family who makes me laugh like no other people can, and who thinks I'm funny too. And for friends who feel more like family. Thanks Carla, for inspiring me to say all of that.

honey living said...

thank you for all the wonderful (and complimentary) comments. you're all so articulate and i'm glad that you shared your feelings. it's like a moment in the beginning of the holiday fray we all shared :)

bloomie said...

I was so inspired by your post that I stole the idea and wrote one of my own. Thanks for encouraging me to put pen to paper and write out all the things that I am thankful for and are wonderful in my life. http://30dressesin30days.blogspot.com/2009/11/things-i-am-thankful-for.html

honey living said...

i'm glad you liked it bloomie! just read yours which i loved. about to comment there...

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