Friday, November 27, 2009

what a dish

this photo is one of the many ideas that eddie ross presents that make me love him. he is a total hunter-gatherer of style, and his blog is charming, readable and endlessly inspiring. in the photo above, he pairs some vintage finds to create a totally lovely and unique salt and pepper set. here's what he says:

in my experience, memorable tables are in the details—the little things that often make the biggest impact. consider, for a moment, salt and pepper. in a top chef world, our food is seasoned to perfection, but the reality is that everybody's palettes are different. we like what we like, and so do your guests. so why not bring beauty to the table with salt cellars and pepper shakers in surprising combinations? the vintage pickard salt cellars i picked up at a thrift shop in kansas city, while the pepper shakers i found at an antique mall in maine. together, they sit on a porcelain leaf dish jaithan found just last week here in upstate new york. but even if you prefer glass salt cellars over gold, silver over porcelain, it's the details that make all the difference.

love, love, love. you should read the whole post, "an amber-hued thanksgiving" if you have a few minutes, because in my opinion, eddie embodies the melding of good taste and accessibility, and is a relevant voice to anyone who loves details and beautiful, unique things.

i hope your thanksgiving meal and company were spiced just to your liking. see you next week!

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