Wednesday, November 18, 2009

oh nuts

i wanted to share a fantastic resource for gift baskets i was introduced to when our friends kim and mike sent a shiva package from kosher gift box when my grandmother passed away. what's so nice is that they come in a simple wooden crate with each type of fruit, nut and candy bagged separately so you can place them in fresh when you want to put it out.

as many of you know, most of the time at shiva calls, the focus tends to be food, as a distraction and because...well, people like food. well with all the bagels and pastries and cookies, this tray was the one that kept getting ooohs and aaaahs because of how lovely it looked. and when the goodies that came with it ran out, we used the tray for other candy and nuts we had received. totally an example of how sometimes presentation can be everything.

besides, where else can you purchase something called "the babka lovers basket" or the "gluten-free nosh basket"? definitely worth a gander...

did i mention the superjew t-shirt they carry?

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srs said...

an old friend of mine from camp created the superjew shirt! I am going to send her your blog - she would love to see it up here.

srs said...

oh was a friend of hers and she sold it at her store

scratch that! she'd still like to see plug though!

honey living said...

cool, thanks for passing it on!

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