Monday, November 9, 2009

not exactly nailing it

so what are your thoughts about essie's winter collection? i feel...a little bored. i feel like they're trying so hard to go away from the now-ubiquitous dark colors that they've lost their way.

i don't think i know anyone who mint candy apple would flatter. it's like the bridesmaid dress-from-hell color. and the pale pink color rock candy looks a lot like some of the old standbys (limo-scene and fiji come to mind).

i have the same feeling about the new lollipop red (aperitif and fifth avenue much?).

i know very similar polishes can look different on, but i just feel uninspired.

for now, i'm sticking with an oldie-but-goodie, downtown brown (shown at top). it's dark and deep, but has enough red in it to still look pretty and feminine, which i'm starting to think some of the darkest-of-the-dark colors lack. i just enjoy everything i do with my hands more when i'm sporting a downtown brown mani, so for me, that seals the deal.

what colors are you feeling as the temperature drops?

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Maria said...

saphires in the snow by OPI. its dark dark it almost looks black. my boyfriend told called me "goth" when he saw it...which isnt the look i was going for. i kind of like the rock candy although i get what you're saying about it not being original. whats different about it is they are introducing it as a winter color rather than a summer or spring color. it think it can be very wintery, like a soft winter, snowey kind of feel. i've babbled on...sorry ;)

Kimberly said...

Sexy Divine by Essie... Looks better on the nails than in the bottle, trust me!

honey living said...

oooh those both sound good...someone on facebook commented about sexy divide too. definitely trying that.

maria - i like your babbling. and i agree with you that i guess the "new" angle is introducing it as a winter color. i like the snow reference.

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