Wednesday, June 10, 2009

charmed, i'm sure

i've recently discovered that i love, not like, but LOVE jangly bracelets. i bought myself this necklace and bracelet pair last week because i instantly fell in love with their iridescence, and their summery yet generally classic elements. they're also very versatile - the bracelets can be worn together (there are 4 of them, each a little different) or separately, and the necklace can be worn long or doubled up, falling in the perfect position for most of my tops. this is one of those purchases that i just keep on reliving my happiness about having made - basically what i'm saying is that they make my day. and a big part of their day-making is the satisfying, somehow familiar jangle of the bracelets. i've been wearing two of them together, and i don't want to take them off, which presents a problem since my husband mitchell doesn't like when things jingle and jangle and creak and squeak. so while riding in the car, i remove them and wait impatiently to put them back on, all the while wondering how someone could dislike the sound that is making me smile so much. and then i can't help but wonder...

what is it about the jangling? the best guess i can make is that it reminds me of the feeling of being dressed up...or maybe the sounds of my mother and grandmother being dressed up...the sound of jewelry and shoes and bags, i guess.

all this jingling is bringing to the forefront an idea i was kicking around for a while that fell by the wayside - a charm bracelet. i have all kinds of interesting and wonderful charms and pieces of things from my grandmother, from my childhood, my mother in law and some of my own acquisitions that need a home, and they never seem to work right by themselves. i am going to resurrect the idea of making a big old jangly charm bracelet, and i will post about it when i do. should be a cool process with a very cool (and pretty sounding) end product.

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