Tuesday, June 30, 2009

guardian angel(cot)

run, don't walk to trader joe's and buy "angelcots." they are a hybrid apricot - bred from iranian and moroccan apricots and they are addictive. my friend kelly told me about them over the weekend and described them, in official terms of course, as "the best things in the entire world." so my interest was obviously piqued. she also mentioned that they're only available for a short period of time. interest and anxiety - a very motivating combination for me.

upon doing a little research, i learned that these grow on precious few acres, do in fact have a very short window of time where they're available, and are known by fruit enthusiasts everywhere as "the best things in the entire world." and let me tell you, they are. i might even have to put my recent obsession with peaches on hold - after all, we have those all summer. here is what the fruit guys have to say about them:

a family farm in brentwood has hybridized a moroccan and iranian apricot that they call the angelcot. there are only two acres of this special fruit in the world. it has a very pale yellow skin color with a slightly speckled and nearly peach like blush at the top. the fruit inside is so juicy and refreshing that i can not tell if i am eating fruit or some impossible combination of warm-apricot-sorbet. it has the juiciness and smooth texture of a perfectly ripened peach with an indelible lightness that forces your tongue to question if taste buds are real or just part of the matrix. enjoy this rare delicacy. it will only last one week.

seriously, go get them. and you're welcome.


Maria said...

About a week ago, I was in Trader Joes, browsing the produce, and I came across the Angelcots. Thanks to your recommendation, I bought them, feeling lucky that I didnt miss my opportunity. Let me just say....they are delicious, addicting and simply joyful. LOVE them.

honey living said...

so glad!

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