Friday, June 26, 2009

look up

these times are not easy.

sometimes it seems like everywhere we turn bad things are happening. the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop has become ubiquitous and is agonizingly paired, for many, with the feeling that there are no more shoes to be dropped...

trying, desperate times for many. sad and stressful times for many more. it's scary out there. but we, and by we i mean ME, we have to remember that life is good, people are good, the earth is still turning.

one of the small but powerful things my father has taught me is to "look up." it means that no matter how bad and downtrodden things seem, there is light.

"look up" means you have faith even though it would be easy not to.

"look up" means there are still wonderful and beautiful things in the world to be seen, and heard, and felt.

i hope everyone has a nice weekend, and makes time to enjoy whatever small things make you smile and breathe deeply - garden, friends, family, exercise, pets, cooking, changing and rearranging, napping, listening to music...

in trying times it is even more important than usual to be nice to ourselves and make our homes our havens, to appreciate the wonders around us every day, and to do what we can to bring light to the world around us...

look up.

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