Monday, June 1, 2009


so, i was shocked to already see growth on the lettuce i planted on memorial day! the seed packet said it would be 85 days from when i planted the seeds until first harvest, but at the rate these babies are going, i could be eating homemade salad much sooner than that! this picture was taken over the weekend, just 6 days after the seeds were planted, and the growth is already about half an inch. in another week or so, i will thin out the crop and leave only the best to grow.

it still might be a while until they look like the lettuce we're accustomed to seeing for purchase, but as my green-thumbed friend kelly pointed out, i can harvest leaves when they're small and use them as a baby lettuce, or wait until they are much larger for actual .... adult lettuce. i guess lettuce matures quickly - especially in times as tough as these :)

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