Monday, June 22, 2009

lettuce begin again

okay so my inaugural crop of lettuce wasn't even baby lettuce-worthy because somebody dug up the little sprouts before they could grow into real lettuce. so rather than staring, forlorn, at what used to be rows of newborn salad, i started fresh last week. it actually turns out to be a good thing, because i took what i learned about planting seeds, in terms of spacing and depth, and applied it here. so it's a second chance. i planted the seeds on wednesday night, and was already seeing tiny growth yesterday morning. but i'm not getting as excited as i did last time...i have to reserve hope a little this time.

as for the herb garden, i don't know....the basil seems to be doing okay, now that i have successfully thinned it. it's actually popping up in front of the oregano and mixed in with the dill too, which i have to eliminate. but i kind of like seeing where it will turn up...guess there was a mighty wind the day i planted the seeds.

but overall, the dill and cilantro are so thin and lacy they just don't seem to be doing much of anything at all. and of course, the oregano transplanted from my father's wonderful garden, and the rosemary and parsley plants are doing quite nicely. i'm not giving up on the herbs from seed though...i believe in them!


Kelly said...

Don't be so quick to blame the squirrels; there's many a critter that could be responsible for your disappearing lettuce! If you do, however, find this to be a reoccurring problem, you may want to consider planting your lettuce seeds in a more portable container that you can keep closer to the house or on a balcony, making it less accessible to the poor, starving critters from whom you so desperately seek to be free. :) Good luck with the lettuce!

honey living said...

spoken like an animal lover :)

well, your beloved critters ruined my whole crop. all i have left is herbs.

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