Monday, June 15, 2009

i want to go to there

this chair, spotted on a fantastic blog called Absolutely Beautiful Things, makes me think of all the things i love about tropical places, and in particular, florida (yes, florida) when done right. there is a certain way of blending patterns and colors and materials that i find so incredibly inviting and soothing that i want nothing more than to just be there instantly. it's a hit or miss, trial and error way of decorating, and it's as much about an eye for complements as it is a willingness to try unexpected pairings and things your mother wouldn't like.

i'm also thrilled to see and love this so much because it's in the family of what i've been working on in my bedroom, which i've taken to describing as a "happy cacophony of colors and patterns," as my husband looks around confused at each element in relation to the others. he's seeing what's there, while i'm seeing what will be there. i think i better get started on the completion phase before my able and willing furniture mover loses confidence in what will be.

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