Tuesday, June 9, 2009

for the birds (and the squirrels)

at the beginning of spring this year, as i set up my several birdfeeders, i took no precautions against squirrels, feeling that they were creatures of the earth too, and they needed to eat too. i boldly bought birdseed that claimed to attract all manner of critters as well as birds, and have been very much enjoying watching the menagerie at play each morning from my bedroom balcony.

but i can say i now understand WHY people don't like encouraging squirrels to partake - they went a little crazy and appear to be a little angry at the birds -- unless i'm misinterpreting the fact that they overturned a porcelain birdbath, breaking off the porcelain birds and hiding them under the overturned bowl.

maybe i'll make the squirrels their own dining area on the other side of the house. but i'll tell you right now, if i find a porcelain bird head in my bed, the squirrels can starve.

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Poppy K said...

Could be worse. I live in Chicago and put out a birdfeeder a few years ago. Imagine my surprise and embarrassment when during a late summer BBQ my party was treated to the sight of a couple of RATS darting back & forth to munch on the fallen seed. Destructive squirrels would seem cuddly by comparison!

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