Monday, February 7, 2011

you know the drill

what did you do over the weekend, my friends?

on friday, we had dinner here with one of my good friends from high school and her new husband, and their newlywed love and enjoyment was palpable - so sweet. we talked and laughed about lots of things, including saved by the bell and how miss bliss was so screwed after the first couple years, and the impenetrably cool dylan mckay, especially his much-imitated voicemail message..."you know the drill." it's always so fun to be with people who have the exact same memories you do, isn't it?

want to walk down memory lane? enjoy. and what about this one? it's like a parody! ah, they just don't make 'em like they used to. though let's be real, i die for pretty little liars and gossip girl, and those opening themes are pretty well-executed too. take a look.

then on saturday, my eyes flew open with the thought that i needed a haircut, and within moments i was out the door, on my way to get one - no appointment! i went to a really nice little place on main street in port washington and it was a great experience. they tended to all the little details (you know how i feel about that) and i really enjoyed it. the man washing my hair had his own special technique rather than just phoning it in. he did a whole vigorous head grabbing situation while using conditioner, and he gave me a temple massage. when he dried my hair, he tied it all up in a tight little cloth - so neat and tidy. and then he even dried out my ears - total bonus, right?

by the time i got to the chair where they cut, there was a stack of current magazines and two men worked on the hair at once, while of course only one did the cutting. when i needed something from my coat and got up to get it, they sat me back down and went and brought my coat over to me, rather than just reaching into the pocket of it like i suggested. then when they blew it out, they both worked together and i had a backstage model moment. it was just a really nice morning, overall. i love when something turns from an errand into an experience.

so between the haircut and my home life, i read a ton of magazines this weekend, wrote a bunch and we ran lots of errands. i discovered a few deals along the way you should know about...really cheap frames at walmart that made me able to frame three pieces that required large (read: expensive) frames. well unfortunately, they're not online, but they're simple black box frames (like the black is only on the sides and the glass pops out and back in) and in all sizes they were $4 each. definitely worth a trip to walmart if you can bear it.

also, homegoods is rocking a serious collection of stuff from africa right now. you should probably go there immediately. like, now. you'll thank me.

and then yesterday i got a manicure and i had her try six different colors before i made a decision. i ended up with midnight in moscow, but it wasn't an easy road. i'm a little obsessed with cuckoo for this color - but it just didn't feel right on me. it's like i want everything in the world to be that color, except my nails.

so pretty, isn't it? other strong contenders were opi ink and good old russian navy.

most importantly of all, it was sunny for several hours this weekend and the snow began to melt while the birds began to sing. you can almost believe spring is coming, can't you? treat yourself to a glimpse into a warmer, brighter moment by picking up a bunch of colorful flowers just for you. i did, and i'm already feeling springier.

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