Wednesday, February 16, 2011

take me to lisbon

i'm a little fixated on martha stewart's lisbon collection at macy's. i love the chaos/control situation of the staid stripes and the splashier floral. i first fell in love with the blue set in the macy's window because i'm having such a blue moment.

but then i saw the black and white option and it took on a whole new cast - such a classic, traditional combo but so fresh.

and then, i think my most favorite is the taupey gray set... so calming and soothing, even in the floral.

it's really hard to decide which i prefer in this collection - the stripes or the florals. i don't know. i love both. i'm always a fan of mix and match, in pretty much every arena and it totally works here,but what i especially admire about these dishes is how different they each look alone. the stripe is so one style and look, and the floral is so another, and then together, well, they're another. so it's three distinct looks. i fear if i were registering for dishes right now, i'd have to register for both. full sets of both.

the stripe is really calling my name. it evokes something in me...a feeling of order and propriety underplayed. especially the gray makes me feel like all is okay and under control - granted it's just coffee or cereal but isn't that why we buy things? because they speak to us in a way that feels good?

do you love?

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Kelly said...

Love the gray stripe. LOVE!

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