Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dotted (and) lines

aren't these gold tumblers festive, especially the ones with the dots? they're from pier 1 and i really love them. i'd love to be served a drink in one of these, wouldn't you?

they remind me of the buoyant feeling of a lot of kate spade's dishes and glasses, especially the ticker tape line which is just gorgeous. i even love the idea of mixing the two, like a set of these ticker tape tidbit plates and a set of the tumblers from pier 1 to wash said tidbits down. part of the appeal would be the slight variation between the two - the dots on the glasses are closer together and perfectly round, while on the plates they're more irregular shaped and placed.

that's one of the fun things about motifs like dots and stripes too - by playing with scale and space, you can curate a whole collection of items you buy at different places and times because the differences within the samesness is what unites them.

make sense?

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