Thursday, February 17, 2011

reader dilemma: rachel's couch

hello lovelies. today, i'm tackling a reader's dilemma...rachel is determined to buy a couch this weekend on president's day sale...i love that she knows so much about what she wants, and i did my best to stay pretty tightly within her parameters (below) because they were reasonable and, let's face it, we're all capable of shopping outside our budget and needs - we're experts at that, i'd even say, right? part of the challenge of good shopping is being happy with something you don't have to feel even an ounce of guilt over.

here are rachel's parameters:

-not modern and angular
-not alot of scattered throw pillows; 2-3 fixed pillows or just a padded back
-preferably gray or eggplant, but flexible on color
-not leather
-not convinced on microfiber, but flexible
-preferably $1000 or under, but flexible
-less than 88 inches
-not online; must be able to try in person*

*if you think a fabric feels rough or a back feels too firm when trying it out, forget it. that's after hundreds of people sit on it every day, so when you get yours, it will be that much rougher or firmer.

the only real challenge i had was the color...not many eggplant couches that are tryable in NYC are out there...and i found some gray. BUT since rachel was flexible on color, and you can always accessorize with throws and other textiles, i feel okay about it.

okay, so rachel liked the couch above, though not the print, so that was my first frame of reference. so off i went, parameters in mind...and this morning i'm sharing what i found.

first, in the style of the couch rachel liked, here are a few, all under $1000. these all have the rolled arms and slipcovered look rachel seemed to gravitate toward:

the brynn sofa(on sale for $788; 86") from raymour and flanigan:

this is the comfort slipcovered sofa ($999, 83.5") from pottery barn in stone, a light gray.

and this is the auburn sofa ($999, 87") from macy's, about which i've heard great things about furniture purchases, including a 7 year total protection plan.

now, also similar in style to rachel's original couch crush, i found these options, which also have the traditional rolled arms, but are an upholstered look, rather than a slipcovered look.

there's the buchanan apartment sofa ($799, 79")from pottery barn in the stone seen above, and i also think it's quite charming in this dorian stripe.

then back at macy's, there's the remo velvet sofa (on sale for $774, 88") in aubergine and lots of other colors, including a more neutral color on sale for only $599.

the only couch out of the whole lot i'm taking a slight liberty with is the vegas sofa ($569, 90") from raymour and flanigan which, at 90" is two inches longer than rachel's ideal. but i think it's worth placing, since it's almost half her allotted budget and really nice looking.

now, in a different style but still within rachel's parameters, there are some alternative options which have padded backs rather than pillows...

the dylan sofa ($899, 83") from pottery barn is straightforward but still comfortable looking and comes in that pale gray rachel might like.

similarly, the anna sofa (on sale for $699, 82") from raymour and flanigan is a sort of granny-chic looking option and comes in a dark brown but also a really punchy, persimmony red which could be fun. and the pillows are just decorative! i love the gentle shape of this couch...which the pillows hide, in my opinion.

and then the abbie sofa (on sale for $599.99, 84") from pier 1 is very luxe looking in lustrous cranberry velvet.

and speaking of luxe, these options still fit into the parameters but are even more tailored, and i thought might be fun to take a look at just as a total departure. though some of them have the tufting we all see everywhere a la mad men, they don't have the modern, angular feel that rachel doesn't want.

meet the chloe sofa (on sale for $699, 76") and the claudia sofa (on sale for $999, 76"), both from macy's. i like to think of them as stylish sisters. that come in chic colors.

room and board actually has a reasonably priced option in the brooks sofa ($899, 85") which comes in charcoal (gray!) and a few other colors, including the lovely otter.
and then could you die over the silhouette sofa ($999, 80.5") from crate and barrel? this color is just beyond, but of course it comes in others if this is a bit too...just too.

once that got me going, the tory apartment sofa (on sale for $769, 74") in ochre swept through. it also comes in charcoal...gray again!!

alright, how'd i do rachel? anything you like? tell us how you did!


bloomie said...

Carla YOU ARE AMAZING! Seriously, I didn't even know or see half of these couches before you posted them and I feel like I've been looking for a couch for what feels like ages.

For some reason I didn't even consider Raymour and Flanigan but I LOVE the Brynn sofa and am going to check it out this weekend, even if a white sofa terrifies me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! As I've moved into my own apartment sans roommates I have become stunningly aware of how bad I am at interior design. I don't even know where to begin so this has been incredibly helpful. I may start making more requests for personalized posts - this has been so useful. You're the best!

bloomie said...

So I visited what felt like about half the furniture stores on LI today, specifically checking out many of your suggestions.

Raymour and Flannigan didn't have the couch that i was super excited about and in general, I felt like their stuff wasn't very well made. And I really liked the Auburn at Macy's but I didn't really like any of the color options. It was a top contender.

In the end I ended up getting a couch at Lazy Boy - who knew they made couches? Ironically it was my first stop of the day and I ended up back there many hours later.

I ended up getting this couch in custom grey corduroy. I'm super excited I think I'll customize with some bright accent pillows and a throw - I'll be asking for some advice with that too!

Thanks for all your amazing help. You really helped focus my search.

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