Friday, February 11, 2011

fit to be wed

by now you know i'm not overly sentimental about wedding dresses, which is not to say i don't think they matter. they totally do, and i had my own custom made, so it's not as if i think they should be a small situation, it's more that i just don't think they need to be anything other than what their wearer wants to wear. and then the whole preservation deal...that seems overly sentimental to my taste, but then i also dyed mine black and wore it someone else's wedding, so there's that too. here's the dress mine was based on (not bridal, and black...see how things come full circle?):

as far as preservation, you could do something really subtle and reasonable like framing it and hanging it in your ginormo closet, like adrienne maloof did. if your closet is a little smaller than adrienne's, consider these beautiful sketches as a...smaller... way to preserve your gown, and then donate it to others in need. or sell it. whatevs.

i think some brides feel pressure to wear something that's not "them" for their wedding day, so they get pushed into a dress that's, well, not them. so i totally adore the idea of a bride who doesn't want an overly bridal dress getting one that's not meant to be bridal at all. do you think you'd feel comfortable doing that or would you feel (or maybe your mom or husband or sister would feel) like this was your moment to wear a WEDDING dress so you have to do it? i think if a bride wants a full, beaded, sparkling confection, that's what she should have. and if she doesn't, and would prefer a lavender column that makes her feel most like herself, then that's what she should have. i think the notion of feeling "bridal" gets bastardized - you should feel like your best, most beautiful, happiest self as a bride -- the same way you should feel about becoming a wife. okay, so i guess maybe i do feel a little sentimental about wedding dresses...just not in the way that calls for bedazzled tiaras.

so with all that said, take a look at these dresses fit to be wed in, that say nary a word about being a wedding dress...

first, check out this amazing halston heritage dress. can you believe?

and it comes in "rose gold," a romantic blush version.

it also comes in azurey gunmetal and what about this amazeballs option? hello, something blue. by choosing something blue, you can have your traditional cake and eat it too.

also, from halston heritage, i'm obsessed with this saks exclusive...

and this valentino number? this is like, city hall glam, don't you think?

and what if you could spend $165 on a wedding dress and not have it be one you've seen before or one that's seen better days (and nicer fabric)? this backstage glam rock mini would be so fun for a certain kind of bride.

the etro balloon sleeve cutout dress is just so different and special that in some ways, only a bride could wear it, don't you think?

the cecelia gown from j. crew looks more bridal than the others, but its simplicity and under $500 cost seem so liberating and beautiful. i feel like many brides would love this dress but might be deterred by it being so cheap and so decidedly unbridal.

also from j. crew but not in white, i think the arabelle dress in graphite is so pretty and could be accessorized with lots of bridal white for such a sweet and different look.

i just think it's freeing to think about things in different ways than we always have, which is also what had me thinking about bling last week.

what are your thoughts?

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Not-So-Spoiled said...

I'm going to be wearing a non-bridal dress, in a distinctly non-bridal colour, but it's still gorgeous and sparkly and beaded and romantic.

Which isn't to say I haven't have major crises of confidence and considered getting another more bridal-type dress...

honey living said...

i hear you! it's a big decision. please tell us about your dress...i'm so interested to know!

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