Wednesday, February 9, 2011

private lives: breakfast

do you ever think how we know so much about each other now because of things like facebook and twitter and all the real-time communication? it's funny - we're privy to little details and glimpses into one anothers' lives that were previously private and yet, some things that aren't private at all really, we don't know because we're just not together every second of the day. for instance, do you know what your friends eat for breakfast? i don't know what anyone in my life eats for breakfast other than my husband (and that's nothing, which it really shouldn't be since we know breakfast is important, but anyway...)

i was inspired by the first two images on this post, hali bey's photography on concrete magnolia, and they got me thinking about the tastes that start our days. then i easily found more such images on martha's site (i like hali's way better). so i'll go first...these days, i eat half of a plain fage 2% greek yogurt with a heaping tablespoon of sugar free red raspberry preserves mixed in. and of course coffee.

what do you eat for breakfast? i'd love to know.


Anonymous said...

honey nut cheerios with a banana during the week, bagel on the weekends :)

Poppy K said...

Oh! Photos one and three have me absolutely drooling! The egg (it must be soft-boiled) and the whole-wheat english muffin with the hunk of cheese look delectable! Or, perhaps it's a deconstructed un-cooked breakfast? One egg to be scrambled with some cheese and pesto? And those fluffy, fluffy pancakes - be still my weight watching heart!

honey living said...

poppy - you have to go check out hali's gorgeous photos on concrete magnolia...all her photos are as lovely as the ones here.

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