Tuesday, February 15, 2011

on weddings: links of love

i hope you've been getting as much pleasure and as many ideas as i have from the bridal blogs i've been linking to...there is so much out there, and i love when i'm presented with an orderly list of things to see and read - you'll never get to it all, so i hope you like my roadmaps to some of the best.

check out this gorgeous wedding on every last detail - this is such a good example of a collected, vintagey look that doesn't look like it's trying to hard. it's believable, mismatched and looks like it all just happened to be there and a couple decided to get married wherever "there" is...such an inspiration.

divya gugnani is everywhere these days, and an all-around powerful woman and alum of my very own high school...she shared her wedding favors with bridefinds and i loved her spin on the tried-and-true seed packet.

OMG. this couple featured on bwed (high school sweethearts) got engaged when he was a guest storytime reader in her 2nd grade class and popped the question. it's really sweet how in love and excited they still seem even after so long.

this is a cool idea for a guest book because my feeling is what will you do with a guest book? well leave it to the broke-ass-bride... in this case, you'll remember the birthdays of your guests!

and isn't this amelie-inspired engagement shoot on wedding chicks sweet?

so many weddings, so many ideas, so little time...

first three images, last two images

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