Friday, February 4, 2011

ring me

how do you feel about unconventional engagement rings? i think lots us are still really into the idea of a diamond, understandably. but i think lots of other people are opening their minds to new ideas (or old ideas, in some cases), and going non-traditional. sometimes that can mean less money needs to be saved for a ring and the marriage part can hurry up already, and other times those rings can be even more than a standard solitaire. but i think regardless, it works best when it's not trying to be something it's not - it's not a faux anything, it's a totally real, authentic ring that suits the totally real, authentic woman who wears it.

i think it could be really liberating to break from tradition and go your own way, though i think sometimes it's hard to do on a subject that feels so steeped in status, convention and universally agreed upon standards.

do you think if you really want a diamond it's worth the wait? would you rather have a small or imperfect diamond than an alternative, no matter the size or quality? do you think the ability to buy a ring speaks to the readiness to marry? what does your ring look like, in reality or in your dreams?

i certainly love the traditional ring i have, but i often admire ones that are unexpected like some of these. i love several from blanca monros gomez, above and below...

and these seed rings of hers are so sweet and so incredibly reasonably priced.

you can see how individual ones could stack up over time (or all at once!) don't you love the idea of one for an engagement, one for a honeymoon, one for a baby, one for a first home, etc? i adore the idea of stacking rings, as evidenced here. i love the idea of doing them each in a different shape too, like this.

and she does custom work and creates things like this one or this one with a pear-shaped grey diamond which is so different and unexpected, in an understated way, don't you think?

and what about something really fun like this from fragments? it's moonstone and it's $100 (you're welcome if you don't already know about fragments).

for the yurman girl, check out this ruby ball on a braided silver band.

and there's something pretty amazing about this lemon quartz piece too, which also comes in amethyst and black onyx with silver.

something like this jumbo judith ripka totally stands out and would look amazing on any finger, especially the left one!

even for a lady who isn't into stones, a ring can feel special even just in pretty gold, like the top knot from ippolita. and i also love this silver and turquoise one in an earthy's just waiting to be stacked with others.

i love the idea of a pearl engagement ring - seems so sweet and old-timey, right? this majorica one is gorgeous and so is this special one from mikimoto.

speaking of days of old, this 1930's mine cut diamond ring is such a good find on etsy and totally original, and the same goes for this rose cut diamond ring. i love the idea that no one else has your exact ring (at least no one in this century) and that it has real provenance. it's like a connection through the ages of a couple in love. and of course the look has been updated if that's your thing too - look familiar?

now in the a little out there but totally amazing category, would you wear something like these on your special finger? or maybe on your right hand? check out nam cho's moonstone and diamond creation...

or the ysl glass stone ring, and the ippolita modern rock candy ring.

and how about this bauble from vibe?

you know no one else will be twinning your ring with this bling.

katie decker's green amethyst creation...

and what about this amazing riff on a solitaire...

and you might remember when i discovered pomellato and fell for these little chestnuts...

and in the HOLY F&^%ING SH*T category, feast your eyes on this.

no matter what you wear, it's about who gave it to you and what it means, right? but let's be real - a little bling never hurt anyone.

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Poppy K said...

My husband gave me a simple, modern white gold band from a German designer. I later had the main stone from my mother's engagement band set into it. I won both ways - my husband couldn't afford to buy me a 'rock' at the time of our engagement and ultimately I wanted to incorporate the stone from my mother's ring anyway. Now I usually wear a very simple stainless steel comfort band with a 5-diamond wedding band. I get lots of compliments on the unusual combination.

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