Monday, February 14, 2011

spring it on

how excited are you at the prospect of spring? i can honestly say that before the holidays, i was enjoying the season so much that i couldn't conceive of the idea of being ready for the inevitable rush of spring in the stores and all over the web that would pretty much immediately follow new years. but i have to tell you - i'm ready like a banshee, and i'm sure you are too. i am moved almost to tears by the appearance of little baby birds and the hint, really a whisper, of a warmer air moving through. nothing could be sweeter than that, even on valentine's day.

is there anyone out there in the frozen tundra that is still having fun?



Poppy K said...

I'm surely looking forward to Spring! But, this year I finally decided that I had to stay active over the winter even if it means bundling up and putting a set of Get-a-Grips on my running shoes. So far I've managed to run outside at least twice a week even in really crummy conditions and y'know, it hasn't ever been truly awful and it certainly improves my outlook!

honey living said...

it's amazing how it truly does lift your mood, right? i'm so not someone who loves exercise, but i can't deny the impact it has on my mood.

good for you for knowing what you need and doing it regardless of weather. an example to follow :)

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