Tuesday, August 16, 2011


i really haven't been much of a shoe girl in my life, and i think that's largely been because most nice shoes weren't comfortable for me, and often didn't look particularly pretty on me. but now that i've lost so much weight, my shoes have gone down a size or two (yes, that happens!) and they generally look way better in shoes. i've been enjoying all kinds of sandals this summer...t-straps, ankle straps and other very thin, refined looking sandals. it's a revelation! so for fall, i have my eyes on a few pairs that i'm really excited about. none are expensive, because i still don't feel shoes are important enough to me to splurge on...i'd rather save that for bags.

love love love these leopard flats which also come in a wedge if you're more into height. and these gold glitter flats are exactly as glittery and sparkly as you'd want them to be - no more and no less. love the idea of these with jeans or even a buttoned up pair of slacks.

also on the gold front, i'm seriously considering these metallic lame oxfords you see at the top. will i look like the tin man? maybe. will i have the nerve to wear them? not sure. but i do love them. i feel like they're a cool, different take on fall's oxford moment. thoughts?

the other thrilling thing about right now for me is that for the first time in i don't know how long, i'll be able to wear boots because my calves are small enough to zip into them! what will they be? sparkly uggs? flat leather ones? furry ones? or maybe i'd just get these to put over whatever other boots i have...might i get cozy cable knit ones? or fuschia hunter boots with the cozy socks that fit inside? choices....

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