Tuesday, November 2, 2010

baby it's cold outside

so today seems like a fitting day to talk about my latest cold weather accessory obsession, the faux fur leg warmer/boot cover. i wish there was one agreed upon name for the genre, but there isn't.

i love these because it means you don't have to buy a pair of faux (or real if that's your thing) winter boots, you can instead wear the same ones you've been wearing for years and use these as a wintry, warming add-on. also, if they get a little too shaggy from snow and rain and sleet, you're not dealing with a $300 pile of wet shag to feel guilty about.

i'd say the pair at the top from lulu's ($41) is my number one choice, though these wonderland warmers ($32) are pretty adorable as well (in white, black, gray or coffee):

oh, and these "chinchilla" ones (ami clubwear, $about $40):

although i don't find the furry shag boot covers i found on amazon quite as luxe looking, i think they're great in that they come in so many colors and so cheap ($18) that you can get a few and match them to the rest of your outerwear ensemble which is, in itself, kind of luxe, don't you agree?

and while we're on the topic of luxe, i just want to make sure you're aware of rachel zoe's faux fur vests on qvc...here are my two favorites, in silver and red fox (otherwise known as give it to me pleeeeease), both around $80):

okay and one more thing in the faux fur arena...check out this faux fur flagstaff jacket ($118) available for preorder at fred flare:

and since you're already there, see the buckled miwok vest ($60) as well - on trend, but a little different because of the buckles:

did somebody say head start on holiday gifts? okay i'm done.

except for this, for the dreamers. meet j.crew's mongolian lamb vest($800). nighty night.

if you're so inclined, check out the post i did at SHEfinds about this vest, or the whole fur wardrobe you can get for the same price.

stay warm.

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