Thursday, August 4, 2011

take me away

this bag is so much fun. and i love this wallet:

both of these items make me feel like i'm on vacation...what's on your shopping radar right now?


Poppy K said...

I'm training for a marathon so I'm looking for an outfit that is comfortable (no chafing allowed!), flattering (no shortie-shorts), fashionable (still gotta look cute) and bright - I want whatever I wear to stand out so that my friends who come out to cheer me on can spot me in the crowd.

Oh, I'd love a soft as buttah purse too.

carla rothberg said...

poppy, have you looked at athleta? they have some cute ensembles and they categorize them by's a cute, BRIGHT running outfit:

Poppy K said...

Ooh! Adorable and very bright! I love the color combo!

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