Monday, August 15, 2011

some thoughts for a monday

take me to this bedroom. and if you love mix and match patterns, you might just DIE over the preview of missoni's collection for target

I. DIE. and look at this absurdly adorable missoni for baby outfit that i MIGHT have to buy though it will be years before i have someone to put in it.

and i've been meaning to tell you...last saturday, i saw a great play with my mom, my sister and my brother's girlfriend dani ... it was love, loss and what i wore and starred a very pleasant, easy to watch marla maples and a non-dorota dorota. it touched on so many universal female themes in an understated, matter of fact way, and really nicely tied in how outfits and shoes and bras mark the moments of our lives and how we remember them. totally recommend. 

before the play, we had a really lovely brunch at elsewhere...i had delicious eggs with cheese perfectly folded in, and my mom's bloody mary had pickled green beans garnishing it! dani had the best looking blueberry pancakes we had ever favorite thing about hers was the way they served the butter - a perfect little square of it in a white porcelain spoon atop the stack. i missed the pre-eaten photo op, but you get the idea.

the best thing about elsewhere was their attention to coffee refills, and you know me and my coffee. we were all playing around with our cameras and retro camera apps, and i stumbled into this photo which i felt perfectly captured my "oooh it's coffee time" feeling. 

and look at the sweet little herb garden in the covered greenhouse-like room where we were sitting.

after brunch and before the play, we roamed around a flea market in hell's kitchen and i spotted this very cool bar cart. so perfectly un-glam... i think that's what i thought was interesting about it - no shine or sparkle, just a certain midcentury utilitarian style, complete with the zodiac signs on the surface...very age of aquarius. 

i'm all about bags, as you probably know, but this seems like a naked emperor situation to me...these edie parker bags (which remind me far too much of caboodles) are close to $1000.

really?? if i were going to spend a grand on a bag, that's not what it would be.

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