Monday, August 1, 2011

frittata anyone?

i made a frittata yesterday and thought i'd share it with was really easy and made so much that half of it is breakfast for the week...umm, anyone want some frittata?

here's what i did:

in a little butter and on low heat, i sauteed 4 diced baby leeks, half of a medium zuchini and half of a medium yellow squash, each sliced the long way. i was careful not to brown them, but just to get them softened up. i added some kosher salt and garlic powder while they were cooking.

at the same time, i whisked together one small carton of liquid egg whites and four whole eggs with a little skim milk. i poured that mixture into a 10" nonstick pan coated with canola cooking spray and let it cook until the egg was completely set - not runny or wet at all.

then, i spread the squash and leek mix over the top of the cooked egg mixture and sprinkled with one of my favorite trader joe's shredded cheese - quattro formaggio which is a mix of asiago, parmesan, provolone and fontina. i also added a few slices of steamed potatoes for that breakfasty texture.

then i stuck the whole thing in a 375 degree oven to melt and brown. *my nonstick pans are only ovensafe to 400 degrees, so watch that if you're using one too.

it came out nice and bubbly and after a few minutes on the countertop, it pulled away from the pan beautifully and sliced up perfectly. this is a great make-ahead idea for breakfast but would also be really nice and easy for a could serve it at a brunch with some bacon and fruit, or with a light salad for lunch or even dinner if you're in a breakfast-for-dinner mode. it's kind of like if a quiche and an omelet had a lovechild.

of course it depends on how much you add and the exact stats of your choices, but here's the nutritional info for the one i made.

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Poppy K said...

I have to say that it does look a little, um, grody, but your description makes it sound tasty and even better: EASY!

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