Monday, August 8, 2011

back to school

i try not to be shocked when stores jump the gun on back-to-school the same way they do for the holidays and everything else that generates revenue, but i always am shocked. this year, though, i'm welcoming it. i'm looking forward to dark nail polish colors, cooler climes and cozy, neat fall fashion. this gap campaign makes me feel warm and fuzzy for some reason (or maybe that's the 105 degree subway platform). it reminds me of that age-old feeling of back to school shopping...dogearing the pages of looks that i hoped i could pull off...velvet, corduroy and wool that i would undoubtedly wear when the temps were still a little (or a lot) too warm, but i just couldn't wait. 

so enticing was this gap ad, that i clicked through and discovered backpacks surely meant for children that i surely want to own. is it me, or are these sparkly backpacks fabulously adult-ready?

which color are you getting?


Poppy K said...

I always loved that ad for Staples that had the dad skipping along behind his cart to the tune of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year followed by two glum looking children.

carla rothberg said...

yes, so cute. and so wonderful the memory of school supply shopping!

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