Friday, August 26, 2011

going gaga

every time i think lady gaga has a little too much hype, i'm reminded that the only thing eclipsing her hype is her talent. listen to (or watch) her live performance of howard stern from last month, below. 

i listened to it when it was live, and i've thought about it so many times since then that i just had to share it with you. i'm not normally someone who cares much about live vs. recorded, and i usually prefer the familiar, recorded version of a song to a new, live version...but this changed all that. when i hear the recorded version on the radio, i wish it was this one. and i'm in awe of her voice. at 7 in the morning, no less.


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Peter M said...

Ok, let's just take a minute to appreciate the ridiculous transitions from grinding belt to soft mixed voice.

One of the things I love most about LaGaGa is her humility. Look at her reaction to Stern's praise -- she is genuinely appreciative of her fans and the time and money they spend supporting her.

Buy the album if you haven't already -- it is really interesting. Not as immediately catchy as Fame / Fame Monster, but once you get into the songs, there is a lot to love.

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