Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i-kat believe it

i am so lucky to have learned so many lessons from my grandmother over the years and i often hear her famous one-liners in my head, on command in fitting situations. they include "let her mother worry about it" when i'm concerning myself with something i needn't, "you're a symphony in pink" and other color-relevant exclamations and "can't miss you" when taking in a particularly colorful ensemble - mine or someone else's.

but i have to say one of the most valuable lessons she's taught me is that you really don't know how you'll like something until you try it - in most cases, this thought was imparted when me or molly would lament having to try on a dress we thought was painfully ugly, only to be told "you never know until you try it," and she was often right. someone once it was on, that dress would look different, and it was true...we never would have known without trying. (poor us, having our grandmother drag us shopping to buy us things - the spoils of youth).

so i love it when my adult life reinforces childhood lessons like that, and it happened most recently last week when i was perusing the great eddie ross's blog, always a source of inspiration and amazement. what first caught my eye was that he seemed to have been inspired by the same beautiful quadrille ikat fabric featured in this month's house beautiful (albeit earlier) that i was.

eddie used several images, piece by piece, to show the components of a tablescape he was designing and as i scrolled down looking at each one, i wasn't hopeful about the end result. though i liked some of his inspiration photos, there were others i didn't like, and the way i imagined they'd look together wasn't good.

and then...


and funnily enough, up until about a month ago, i didn't get the whole ikat trend at all and rather disliked it. now i'm craving it everywhere.

so it's true...you just don't know, you CAN'T know, until you try.

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all photos from eddie ross


molly said...

OMG that tablescape is outrageously beautiful! also--i can't believe you like ikat now!!!

Quizzie said...

I'm still not sure about ikat. I see it everywhere and just dont get it (yet). Maybe I will maybe I wont!

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