Tuesday, January 4, 2011

mad gab

mad gab is the most fun ever. it's a game where you read the words printed on a card which, when sounded out, actually say something else. that was a terrible explanation - here's an example:

card says: canoe key pace he grit?

hopefully you eventually figure out that it says: can you keep a secret?

these cards are a totally uncomplicated way to play, and mitchell and i are, without fail, laughing hysterically within moments of whipping it out. it hits the funny bone the same way some of the ingenious me talk pretty one day does. it's mainly funny because you hear your playing partner trying desperately to figure out what the hell they're saying, and it's usually totally obvious to you what it is...so they sound like they're first learning english and putting the acCENT on the wrong syLLABle. take my word for it, it's hilarious.

you can even play it online if you feel like you're going to blow a gasket at your desk and need a mood lifter.

cranky mood? mad gab. bored? mad gab. trust me on this one.

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