Monday, January 31, 2011

against the wall

look at this beautiful tiled wall i spotted on house of turquoise, designed my matteo thun. isn't it amazing? i'd love to do a bathroom just like it, probably in a seaside house.

and this image is from absolutely beautiful things, and is a little tighter in its color palette, and is also gorgeous. i could see these in a kitchen or even a neat little mudroom.

i love the patchwork charm of these tiles, and the fact that you could piece tiles together that you've gathered from all different designers, companies, stores, even different countries. it reminds me of a fantasy i used to have about designing a dream home and spending a year traveling the globe hand-picking each piece. i think seeing these walls of tile makes that idea seem more attainable - while you don't have to collect every single piece of a home in your travels, you could certainly do it in the form of tiles for a backsplash or one wall of a bathroom.

do you like?

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