Wednesday, January 26, 2011

booking down the aisle

isn't this idea for a ring pillow sweet? it's from etsy seller thedaintywoods and i particularly love this set, because it could double as "something blue." i think it's the loveliest idea, especially if the couple is a literary pair, or if the books have special meaning. a pretty stack of old books could even be a different and charming centerpiece idea...maybe with a small floral arrangement on top, or not.

my ring pillow was made by my mother-in-law, out of the same fabric my dress was made from. i'd love to know...what did you use as a ring pillow, or what would you like to use?


hillary said...

We didn't use a ring pillow or have centerpieces (it wasn't a sit-down reception), but we did give books as favors!

honey living said...

that's such a sweet idea...what books did you give?

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