Monday, January 10, 2011

strike it up

i've long been a proponent of beautiful matches because they elevate the experience of lighting a candle or a fire to a different place. i love when each step of a process is a source of beauty and enjoyment, and lovely matches over mundane ones is just such an easy upgrade. of course there are candle-lighters too, but there's something so timelessly romantic about the sound and smell of a match. so imagine my excitement upon seeing this chestnut, the jonathan adler pipe match strike. the texture of the base ignites light-anywhere matches, so of course the first question that comes to mind is "where do you get light-anywhere matches?" the answer is, you buy them here, or in hardware stores.

i imagine wearing one of these, listening to great music like this and lighting amazingly scented candles like the capri blue aloha all day long.

on a similar note, i love JA's fabulously packaged fireplace matches, which would make a lovely gift for almost anyone, or would perk up a drab bookshelf next to a candle in two seconds flat.

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