Friday, January 21, 2011

some like it cold

i prefer iced coffee regardless of the weather. there, i said it.

yes, there are exceptions. sometimes i love a good hot cup, especially with the milk frothed. but i'm just more of an iced coffee kind of girl, and i'm okay with that. i'm okay with the strange looks i get from the coffee guy in the morning when it's snowing and i want it cold. i'm okay with the confusion i see on peoples' faces when i sip what is clearly iced coffee, thanks to the sound of the ice, from a hot coffee cup since i can't use straws since my surgery (too much air). clearly, i'm not the only one with this preference, since despite the crazy looks, the coffee guy always has iced coffee in the dead of winter - it can't just be for me.

it reminds me of the great glamour magazine feature "hey, it's okay!" so, it's okay that i like iced coffee even when the very lid i drink it from collects a quarter inch of cold, icy snow. and it's okay -- great, even -- that i just push the icy snow right into the cup.

do you have a somewhat weird thing you're just okay with?



Lynne said...

I prefer iced too (Americano - since I drink decaf and nobody keeps iced decaf on hand, even in the summer. except DD and let's not get into their crappy coffee.. plus I like it strong). But, I just got myself a Keurig so I've been doing the hot thing cause I've been making my own coffee. Anytime I buy, though, it's 'iced decaf grande Americano, no water'. No matter the weather. mmmmmmmmm
the best!

bloomie said...

Me too and I make my own at home using a cold press (if you're an iced coffee fan you MUST get one for yourself - they are the best!). I have this one

Also if you're using a hot coffee cup for your iced coffee try contigo. It's a totally leak proof cup - it has revolutionized my commute.

bloomie said...

I'm with you. If you're an iced coffee snob you HAVE to get yourself a cold press - you don't know what you're missing until you start making it. I have this one

Also for travel mugs try contigo. COMPLETELY leakproof, it has revolutionized my commute.

Brynn said...

I, too, love a good iced coffee, regardless of the temperature outside! I tend to like warm things, like soup and hot chocolate, in the summer, and iced coffee and ice cream in the winter. I don't know why, just tastes better!

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