Friday, January 7, 2011

save money, live better (in the words of walmart)

do you know about the norma kamali line at walmart? it's kind of awesome. first, my adorable colleague brandy was rocking a cardi/wrap/infinity scarf situation which she procured for $15. so that led me to this suit for $35, and then the walmart website where brandy's inifinity situation is regrettably not found (though still might be in stores). but check out these other scores, many of which are available in womens' and plus sizes:

the jersey maxi lounge dress, $12 - $14:

the trenchcoat, $24:

the all-in-one jersey dress, $15:

the batwing cardigan, $18 - $20:

the oversized french terry v-neck dress, $6:

the strapless jersey dress, $10:

the jersey wide-leg sleep pants, $10 - $12:

many of the pieces are marked down on clearance from their already scandalously low pricepoints. my favorite is the jersey v-neck dress, marked down to $6 from $7. you could buy one of each item pictured here for under $100 total. which leads me to...

i've always been torn on walmart...on one hand, it contributes so eggregiously to sprawl and puts small businesses under...but on the other hand, it provides over a million jobs and enables many millions of people to shop for their families affordably.

what do you think?

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