Wednesday, July 29, 2009

in the fold

leave it to anthropologie to have folding chairs that make my heart ache. the terrai folding chairs are available in six designs, each of which uses at least two different fabrics on a handcrafted sheesham wood frame. they are $198 each, which of course i realize is steep for folding chairs, but who says you have to keep them folded? we're not talking about white and silver samsonite plastic jobs here.

each one of these chairs is a piece of art in itself and can (and should) be used as a permanent part of a room, not only dragged out for passover. i could see one being at home in a dressing area or next to a small key table as a spot for draping or piling, if not used as actual seating at all times. or, let's be serious, they'd be amazing as permanent chairs around a cool round dining table or at a desk or vanity. but even just the purchase of one would be a good investment in my opinion, as it would add to the spunk and color of any space, and can easily be moved around as its charms and functions are needed.

my recommendation is not to spend the extra $30 these cost to ship and get them at the store if you can - my local anthro has them in stock. call yours to check.

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